Welcome to the Party!


I was at a renewal meeting, and the speaker had finished his message and people were receiving prayer ministry. From time to time, he would mention a specific prayer focus as the musicians played in the background. I was just soaking in the atmosphere when I had a vision. In the vision, I was holding a gigantic, beautifully-wrapped present; I could hardly get my arms around it. It was wrapped with white satin and tied with multi-looped, light-blue ribbon. I was walking towards a house that was literally bouncing with light and music—a party was going on! As I got closer, I realized that there was no door to let me in. At that precise moment in the vision, the speaker, who of course had no knowledge of what I was seeing, said, “Release gifts!” I burst into tears because I realized that the gifts and talents that I had weren’t allowed in at the party.


God healed me that evening, and He has called Arise! Women to partner with Him to “release gifts” that are in every person, but specifically in women. There is a special emphasis all around the world to see women released into their destiny so that the gifts, talents, and dreams that have been in their hearts will flow freely and powerfully.


window, final


You are welcome at the party!


Arise to Shine,

Rev. Denise Siemens, Founder and Team Leader