Arise! Uganda, February 13-March 1, 2014

February 13th 2014

While I was in Africa in 2013, I was confronted with the needs of the people—the most obvious being the physical needs. But then the Lord started to speak to me about the emotional and spiritual needs, especially in the women. There are many organizations that can give food, clothing, housing, etc., but we have access to the power of the love of God! I felt called to go back in 2014 to minister His love and healing, and I will be taking a team of three other women to Gulu, Uganda: Vivian Klebs, Melissa Lundquist and Ali Siemens.


Why Uganda? Gulu is worth our investment because of the horror and tragedy that its people have endured. Gulu is located in northern Uganda which has been ravaged by vicious dictators, including the notorious Adi Amin, and internal war since its independence in 1962.


From 1986-2007, the residents of Gulu, as well as all of northern Uganda, were brutalized by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Some have put the number of abducted children as high as 104,000.


During the terror that was inflicted during Kony’s uprising, the people were sent to refugee camps called IDP’s (Internally Displaced People) since the government had no other way to protect them. Over 1.6 million people were displaced, and Gulu is the site of one such camp. The camps closed in 2009—just five short years ago. Additionally, Uganda has more orphans than any other country in East Africa.


I would not be exaggerating to say that nearly everyone living in Gulu today has been personally touched, either through direct assault on themselves or by being a relative or close friend of someone who was brutalized.


We will be partnering with Gulu Bible Community Church, a church that Diane Brask has been helping since 2006.

(Three of the female pastors: Hope, Evelyn, and Molly)


We will be going to Uganda to:

1.  Offer a one-day Arise! Uganda Women’s Healing Conference  where we’ll also serve lunch. Over 400 are expected.

2.  Give reusable sanitary supplies to girls to help them stay in school (We are bringing over 200 kits that have been sewn by our Arise! to Serve group. Thank you all!)

3.  Provide personal prayer counseling

4.  Visit a prison

5.  Minister love and healing to over 200 Congolese women who have been rescued from sex trafficking

6.  Visit and pray for those in a local clinic that just opened in August 2013

7.  Deliver mercy kits of food, household items, solar players, etc, during all of our activities

8.  Give away solar players.  These are like cassette players, but they’re digital so they can hold a lot of content. In addition, they are powered by solar energy instead of electricity. They each will contain the entire New Testament and major Bible stories recorded in the local language.  Over 80% of the members of the church are illiterate, so these players are an incredible way to introduce people to God.


We need your help to accomplish our goals. We need you to pray that we will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit every step of the way. Pray as the Lord leads and feel free to let us know that you’re praying. We will also be posting “live” prayer needs on this page–when possible–and we’d be so honored if you would check out that page to find out how we’re doing and how you can pray.


On our way home, we’ll be stopping in Wales to investigate a blessing movement. I’ve felt for a long time that a retreat center/house may be one area where God is calling Arise! to minister, and I immediately identified with the heart of this ministry. It’s a blessing house where they minister grace and love to those who come to their center. The founder, Roy Godwin, wrote, “He designed us for a purpose wrapped up in blessing.”  Read The Grace Outpouring to find our more.


Thank you for praying for us as we prepare and for standing with us when we go. We want to be carriers of the blessing, power, and love of God.


With love,

Denise Siemens, Team Leader of Arise! Women

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