Do you Hear it?

June 3rd 2016

Have you seen it? Have you felt it? 

Have you noticed how everyone is talking about it? 


I’m referring to the worldwide effort to bring freedom to women. Many political figures, celebrities, and organizations, both secular and Christian, have joined the effort to stop human trafficking, both sexual and labor trafficking. You may have heard of “Not for Sale,” “International Justice Mission,” and “Nvader.” Arise! team member, Alisha Siemens, has also answered the call by co-founding Shema, a business that will provide jobs to trafficked and at-risk women in Southeast Asia and eventually around the world.


We know that it is God who is working behind the scenes speaking to people whether they recognize that it’s His voice or not. What is true in the natural is also true in the spiritual.


God is also bringing freedom and opportunity to all women, and Arise! Women first heard that call in 2006. In 2009 we hosted our first conference, and it was then that we knew thatHe was asking us to not merely host one conference, but to start a movement.


The mission of Arise! is to empower, equip, and release female leaders in the Body of Christ so that they may fulfill the dreams that God has for them. We are building a community of women who are confident in their place in the Kingdom, willing to serve, and are ready to sacrifice for the sake of others.


We are building a community whose members hear the cry of God across the world—the cry that longs to see a people who are free to be who He’s created them to be; a people who walk out the Great Commission by taking time to disciple others; a people who will not be satisfied until every person is introduced to the love and truth of Jesus.


Can you hear it? God is calling women to take the dreams that have been hidden in their hearts—the ones that almost seemed to have vanished—and He’s telling them:


“Now! Now is the time to awaken those dreams.
Now is the time to walk in all that I have planned for you!”


What Arise! is Doing

Thousands of women have encountered the power of God in large group gatherings. It almost feels like a family reunion as sisters greet each other in-between the sessions. The combination of hungry hearts and a Father who loves to give good gifts to His children results in lives that are forever changed.


We recognized early on that we needed to not only provide large group gatherings, but He wanted us to create places for intimate fellowship, and so we started Uplink Groups. Hundreds of women have challenged and equipped each other to press in to know God, and each other, more intimately as they meet twice a month in small groups. We’ve heard so many testimonies of how the Uplink Group members have experienced great growth in the Spirit as they gather with others to seek His face. Many women have received amazing support and courage as they have faced extremely difficult circumstances. The Body of Christ at work!


What Arise! Will Do

God has revealed what is next for Arise! Women. I’ve shared it with my advisers, Graham Cooke, Mark Herringshaw, and Judith MacNutt, and they all heartily confirmed this direction.


In September 2016 we are launching a women-only equipping center and we’re calling it “ElevateHER.™”  It will be a place where women will not only receive deep and anointed teaching, but they will also engage in deliberate and intentional processing concerning the season in which they find themselves. In essence, we will be providing life coaching by community. Along with a trained mentor, each small group member will call to other women affirming and cheering on their sister as she takes the next steps in her development. Our goal is to empower and release each woman to walk in her Kingdom assignment. That assignment may be to equip the Body of Christ, and/or it may be to influence and impact her work place or home.


We are also excited about the involvement that Arise! will have in helping to support women who have been rescued from human sex or labor trafficking. We will be partnering with Shema Global, mentioned earlier, whose goal is to start 25 sewing co-ops in five years.


Our world is a troubled place and many people are fearful about tomorrow. We need every person, male and female, to rise to the call of God in order to bring the Good News to the world.


Do you hear it? Has God been speaking to you? Will you join us in answering the world-wide effort of bringing freedom to women? We need your support now more than at any other time.


What you can Do

We can’t do it by ourselves. We need people who will agree to pray for Arise! on a consistent basis. We need people who will give their time to help, wherever that may be. We need people who will give financially.


Arise! depends on the generosity of those who have been impacted by our ministry. I give to those who have ministered to me personally, because I want to see others impacted in the same way. I also give to those whose mission I want to help. I may not be able to travel to Tajikistan, but I can support those who will make the trip.


We are all involved in building up the Kingdom of God. Arise! is a Kingdom ministry that doesn’t hold weekly meetings, but we’re building up the Kingdom in other ways. Some build up and equip through church-based programs, and others do the same through ministries that are not based in one location.


I have good news for you! Whether you give to your local church or to a ministry that doesn’t hold weekly meetings, you are giving to the Lord’s work.


Would you consider becoming a regular donor to Arise?

Some of you may prefer to give a donation once or twice a year. Others may feel called to give $25, $50, or $100 each month. If we had just 60 women who each gave $50 per month, we could move faster in building what God has called Arise! to do. That’s three Caribou Coffee Coolers a week! (It helps me to picture things like that.) If we had 100 donors a month, we could go far!


Please let us know that you support what Arise! has done in your life and what Arise! is called to do in the future. Respond to this e-mail, and let us know:


•   you will be praying for Arise! I honestly can feel it when people are praying, and it gives me such courage.

•   you would like to volunteer at Arise! events or in the office.

•   you will be donating to Arise! Please go to AriseWomen. Then click the “Donate” button. From there you may choose to make a one-time donation or a recurring gift. You don’t need to be a PayPal member; you may use your own credit card. (Call our office if you need help in setting this up.) You may also send your donation by check payable to Arise Women at: PO Box 48988; Minneapolis, MN 55448.


“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together” (African proverb).


I hope you will go together with us, because we want to go far in bringing the love and power of God to the world!



Denise Siemens

Team Leader of Arise! Women

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