I Miss You

October 2nd 2015

We are called Christians not because we have made mental assent to a list of doctrinal ideas, but because we have a real and living relationship with God.


As I was soaking to some worship music this morning, I heard the Father say, “It’s so good when you turn your face towards me to listen, receive, and express your love to me.” His tenderness and love were so overwhelming. Of course, I eventually stopped crying in order to tell Him, “Yes, it is.”


Francis Frangipane, internationally-known speaker and author, told a story at a conference we hosted a few years ago. A friend called him on the phone and told him that God had a message for him. Then the friend related what God had spoken: “Tell Francis I miss him.”


Wow. Doesn’t that just hit your heart? God misses us?


Francis wasn’t in disobedience at the time; his ministry was growing. But in his busyness of doing the work of the Kingdom, he had neglected to meet regularly with the King Himself.


We meet with God when we read the Bible, knowing that those words are His letters to us. We meet with God through prayer, as we pour out our hearts to him in requests and thanksgiving. We meet with Him when we sing songs of adoration and praise for who He is to us. We meet Him when we are in nature as we allow Him to minister to us through His creation. We meet with Him when we gather with other believers.


When we turn towards Him, He meets us right where we are.

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