The Little Birds

February 10th 2015


bird by sueThere was a day early this past summer, when I was tired of the rain. It had been unusually rainy. The local farms were flooded. Entire sections of roads to the west had washed out. The wetlands seemed as though they might take over. And I wondered. What if I sketched a picture of the rain stopping?


And I did. And it did. Not that minute, but seriously, in a few days time. (You can see the post here)


And I wondered. Was that picture, that prayer, the prayer that tilted the bowl in heaven and loosed the Kingdom here? I will never know for sure, but it might have been.


Sketching comes naturally to me and I have done it for years. The sketches bring encouragement to others. Hey, my sketches bring encouragement to me! So now, it seems natural that even my prayers become sketches.


And so, a new prayer language is born.


In this e-mail you’ll see a sketch of protection.


The world can be a scary place right now. This is my prayer, for those Christians in the world who are being persecuted. Fiercely persecuted. What I saw was His hand, with a little tweet on it. At first I thought the little bird was to be encompassed inside His hand, but that’s not what He showed me. His idea of protection (see Ps. 23:5) is to set us high, and because we are with Him, we are protected. Perhaps a two-fold protection. “I’ve got you,” and also, “the enemy can see you, but not touch you.” I’m not positive that in the midst of the troubled spots of the world that I want them exposed. But that’s up to Him – to hide or to set high.


I hope this little tweet also brings peace and a sense of protection to you. That you can find a place, even now, to enjoy the security and resting place of His hand. His warmth. His presence. His love. Even His joy in the midst of your circumstance.


And I pray that if you know someone in the midst of difficulties, that you’ll pass this on to them.


Finally, I invite you to spend some time seeking the Lord and sketching His thoughts. Drawing your prayers. Painting your dreams. You don’t need to be a great artist. You just need a desire to release Love—with pictures and doodles.



Sue Kemnitz paints and sketches what suits her fancy on any particular day. Sue’s been painting for over 30 years. She leads “create” retreats, teaches sketching and painting, and leads popular wine and art events in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Visit her website, to sign up for her blog, “Morning Sketches,” view her bird sculptures, or sign up for an art event.

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