Who are YOU?

August 28th 2015

Transformation. Impartation. Celebration!


I wrote an e-mail recently and I addressed the recipients as “Mighty Women.” As soon as I wrote it, I knew that some of them didn’t think of themselves as mighty. In fact, many wouldn’t use that adjective to describe themselves at all.


We were made in the image of God, and our main purpose and passion is to reflect who He is to the world. So, if God is mighty, we get to be an example of His mightiness here on earth.


For too long, we have allowed others to define us, and we have accepted their judgments and valuations of who we are and what we are worth. The “others” are friends, family, teachers, pastors, co-workers, bosses, movies, commercials…culture in general.


I was praying for someone a few years ago, and I saw a vision of a hand coming down and taking off the name tag that said “Rejected.” In its place, God was giving him a new tag that said, “Loved and Treasured.”


It’s time to take off the negative—and UNTRUE—definitions that have stuck to us. As we remove the old, we make room for the TRUTH of who we are in God’s eyes.


The wonderful thing is that God loves to reveal Himself to us. He sent Jesus, right?! He loves to bring complete TRANSFORMATION into every part of you. He can’t wait to IMPART freedom and power into your spirit. Your life is becoming one big CELEBRATION of what God has done.


Off with the old, and on with the new!

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