“Dental issues (addressed by two dentists) causing much pain and TMJ symptoms and need for sleep.”

“22 year old nephew in ICU on life support with pneumonia lung damage. Alcohol binging and alcoholism”

Please pray I would walk in the spirit and not the flesh as I endure what I believe is intense spiritual battle

Healing for Shirley’s knees

“Pray my son Joseph would come back to the Lord and submit his life to him.”

“Please pray for me, I have been struggling with anxiety and some times depression for 12 years.”

” My husband has COPD and has a lot of trouble with breathing. He has a horse throat and coughs a lot”

“My granddaughter just called me to tell me she is getting married”

“My heart is broken, Thinking of divorce, Spiritual battle is intense, Financial distress, Pray4me”

“my daughter just moved in with her boyfriend . I need God to stop this in Jesus name.”

“just found out i have cancer”

“New to the area, looking for a good job and to be surrounded by a healthy community”

“My mother-in-law who has Alzheimer’s and depression and refuses to forgive”

“Pray for Kurt who gets very anxious on flights and will be flying 8/28 and 8/31. Meds don’t help.”

“My heart breaks for my wayward 21 yr old son who has an obvious call of God on his life.”

“Cathy is going to the Holy Land for a year or two. Pray for favor, direction, safety and wisdom as she is over there. “

“My husband is losing his job. I ask for prayers that The Lord will show him what he has in store. “

Update: “My co-worker will have the spot removed from her face on April 16.”

“My co-worker, has a spot on her face & swollen lymph nodes that will be tested on March 31.”

“For my daughter who is in Uganda right now with YWAM Madison and I was not aware of the current situation in Sudan.I would ask for your prayers for protection, peace and fruitful ministry for my daughter and the team. Also, no fear for me and all the families.”

“I am a female charismatic Lutheran Pastor without a call for one year. I have no income and I need a job.”

“Prayers for son who is living a promiscuous lifestyle. Many generational issues.”

“Jason, my son-in-law, has an interview for a higher ranking position in the National Guard tomorrow.”

“Please pray for wisdom and courage to do what is healthy for me at both my current jobs. Thanks.”

“pray that the enemy has no stronghold on my husband and I , nor on our business.”

“I’m in a lot of pain. Arthritis pain in my back and other pain added to that pain depression”

“Friend Sally to know who God is for her in work and life. Has spiritual visits from past.”

“That God would help me to grow in his gifts, especially in the prophetic.”

“For my son who has severe depression and myself for wisdom on how to help him.”

“A woman’s mother-in-law is in hospice care. She asks for prayer that the enemy would release her.”