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  • I, the undersigned, do hereby release Arise! Women and their volunteers and/or staff from any liability, for any harm, or perceived harm, resulting from my voluntary receipt of coaching appointments during my time at ElevateHER. They work with me only as I choose to work with them. I understand that Arise! Women is staffed by volunteers representing the broad Body of Christ and reflecting many denominations and churches. They are not trained or licensed professionals of counseling, therapy or medical services, and are not licensed or insured as such. I understand that if I am currently taking medication or operating under the advice of a professional service, I will allow them (my medical doctor, therapist, counselor, etc.) to confirm any results of prayer received before altering any prescribed course of action. I also release Arise! Women and their volunteers and/or staff from any liabilities of first time knowledge of physical and/or sexual abuse to a minor that is told to them during prayer time. I understand that under the laws of Minnesota, they are obligated to contact the proper authorities regarding this knowledge.

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