Dates, Description, and Topics


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 Application Deadline: September 2, 2017,

but we’ll make an exception for you!

The first class is Thursday, September 7.



The following information pertains to the on-site program.  See “Distance Ed” for details concerning the online option.



September 7, 2017 – May 24, 2018

The second and fourth Thursday each month, 6:30-9:30 p.m.



Women only. We’ve discovered that women learn well in small groups, and they enjoy processing things together.

Teaching by live presenters the majority of the time combined with a few dynamic recordings specifically for this Center.


New paradigm of an expanded view of identity and your place in the Kingdom that will equip you to incarnate the life of Christ in every situation.



 Outreach, service, and ministry to reinforce what you’re learning on-site


Activations to heighten your sensitivity to God’s voice and His ways.


Confirmed Teachers

Michelle Bonahoom, Allison Bown, Greg Boyd, Marsha King, Mary Nelson, Paul Rapley, Lori Reed, Ramona Richard, Alisha Siemens, Denise Siemens, and more!


Some Topics:

   ♦   Understanding Your Assignment

   ♦   Authority in the Kingdom

   ♦   Personality, Natural & Spiritual Gifts: How They Influence Who you Are

   ♦   Depths of the Spirit

   ♦   Identity Formation

   ♦   Prophecy in the Kingdom

   ♦   God’s Destiny for Women: from Genesis to Revelation

   ♦   Overcoming Opposition and Adversity

   ♦   Plus spiritual gifts, evangelism, healing, deliverance…



  • Students will be required to read and report on four books during the session.

  • Students will hand in Reflection Papers after each session.

  • Students will participate in at least three local service/outreach opportunities



Life Coaching by Community


The members will not only receive deep and anophoto-1458681708599-e0be9ce54707inted teaching, but they will also engage in deliberate and intentional processing concerning the season in which they find themselves. In essence, we will be providing life coaching by community.

Each small group member will call to the other women affirming and cheering on their sister as she takes the next steps in her development. Our goal is to empower and release each woman to walk in her Kingdom assignment. That assignment may to equip the Body of Christ, and/or it may be to influence and impact her work place, home, community or nation.


NEW IN 2017-18: Individual coaching sessions each month (optional).

Each member will have the option of receiving one to two calls (your choice) from a trained coach at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Coaching differs from mentoring, counseling, advising, or directing, and we are happy to be able to include this option for our members.

Discussion will be deliberate and intentional in order to mentor and encourage you to take the next steps in your personal journey. You will be encouraged in your strengths and equipped to tackle that which challenges you. We will help to propel you toward your unique place in the Kingdom as you continue to discover how wonderfully you are made.

Living in community is a core value of Arise! Women, and as we were developing ElevateHER, Mark Herringshaw, one of our advisers, labeled what was in my heart when he said, “So what you want is to do life coaching by community.” Exactly!

Guidelines 2017

ElevateHER from denise on Vimeo.