Open Groups 2018

Group Details (for women only) 


Our next session will begin in September 2018. Check back after August 10 to see if there is a group meeting in your area. 



The prophetic can seem like an inaccessible aspect of Christianity if you don’t know where to start. Prophetic living is a cornerstone of Graham’s ministry and influences all of his teaching. Through prophecy you can engage with the Father in an entirely new way, learn His heart and His dream for your life. The prophetic allows you to upgrade your relationship by experiencing new depths of the Father’s love and majesty. In Approaching the Heart of Prophecy, the first book of The Prophecy Series, Graham unearths the importance of prophecy in a way that is manageable, relatable and encouraging.




The groups meet every other week, two hours per session, for a total of 10 sessions.

Each session includes teaching, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.


What if you don’t see any groups in your area? Why don’t YOU become an Uplink Leader! Your main job is to facilitate discussion; the teaching comes from the book. You can do it! Fill out an application today for September 2018.

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