Arise! Thailand Trip August 2017




Arise! Thailand 


Date: August 16 – 27, 2017


Location: Thailand 


Cost: $2000 

½ of total payment due July

Final Payment due August


Applications are closed.


If you would like to donate electronically, the amount that is recorded as a donation will be the net amount that was given. Credit payments are typically charged between 2-3% per transaction.




A mandatory deposit reserves your spot on the ministry trip pending review and approval of your application. Space is limited on most trips. Arise! Women reserves the right to deny any application.




The cost of the trip includes round trip airfare from Minneapolis, MN, your lodging, breakfast, transportation, and team translator (s). You will be responsible for your travel cost to and from the Minneapolis airport, personal spending money, cost of snacks, water, two meals per day for seven days, travel insurance, passport and visa fees, and immunizations where required. There might be variable costs beyond our control. If this happens, we will let you know.





½ of cost due on July 12, 2017


Final payment due August 15, 2017 You must have your final payment in by our due date.




After your application has been accepted, you may cancel up to 8 weeks prior to your departure date in order to receive a 50% refund of this deposit. If for any reason, a team member cancels after eight weeks prior to the departure date, the full deposit will be forfeited. You will not be refunded monies that Arise Women has paid out on your behalf to secure hotel, travel, and airfare.




You may raise funds to help sponsor this Arise! Women trip. Once accepted, we will send you details on how to do this.


Ministry trip awareness




Everyone on the trip functions as one team. On a few occasions, we may divide up into smaller groups to minister to several churches/locations at the same time. In addition, each person may be a part of a smaller team of about four- five.




Some of the places and hotel conditions teams may encounter may seem primitive in comparison to what you are used to. The pace required on these trips can be rigorous, emotionally draining, and physically exhausting. Each team member must be able to walk to most places, and continuing to function autonomously, even under trying conditions. We ask that you be prepared “to run and not grow weary, to walk and not grow faint”. We will have a free-day (s) to recover but that will not always be enough to what you are used to.




We are going to be very flexible. Arise! Women will be working side-by side with local churches and ministry leadership honoring them and their guidelines. Meetings or mission objectives are subject to change at any time during a trip.




You are required to purchase travel medical insurance while you are on an international trip with Arise! Women. You will NOT be allowed to participate until you send in a copy of your insurance. Most insurance for international travel will be between $20-$50 for a ten-day stay. Two reliable insurance companies we have used in the past is Seven Corners or World Nomads. The medical insurance MUST include emergency medical evacuation/repatriation.


Questions and Answers


Q: Why do I have to pay for my own meals excluding breakfast?

A: Meals in Thailand are VERY cheap. Your food will not cost more then $5-7/meal.  We will eat out at a couple nice places, but again, the food is very in-expensive.  Our breakfast will be covered for four days of our trip. It is suggested that you set aside between $100 -$200 for food in Thailand with an additional amount for food purchases on our travel days.


Q: What kind of place will we be staying in?

A: We will spend four days in Mae Sot and then four days in Pattaya. In Mae Sot, we will be staying on-site with the organization we are working. The rooms are basic with private shower/bathrooms, very clean and with air conditioning. We will be within walking distance of most activities. While in Pattaya, we will be staying at a budget three-star hotel which will be close to the ministry areas we will be involved in.  Most days it will be walking distance from the red-light district.


Q: I don’t know anything about sex-trafficking and how to minister to women coming out of it.

A: Don’t worry; if you know how to Love, you will be fine. We will be having a training session when we arrive in Thailand as well as a required ministry meetings before we leave.


Q: What ministries will we be joining in Thailand and what will we be doing?

A: We are joining two special ministries. We ask that you don’t post the ministry names on any social media sites for their safety and for the safety of our team upon entering Thailand. We will be doing outreach in the red-light districts,  women’s conference, going into a refugee camp, street ministry to the woman and ladyboys for sale. We will have an opportunity to serve during chapel, be on prayer ministry teams for the rescued women, outreach near the Cambodian border and more.


Q: What is the dress code?

A:. We can dress pretty casual except during outreach and church. During these times, we will need to be prepared to dress with our shoulders and knees covered. Skirts or dresses on Sunday. We are allowed to wear khakis or jean shorts as long as they are on the longer side. This will be addressed more in depth upon acceptance.


Q: Why is there a variable in the cost?

A: It depends on how many women come on the trip. Once we have that secure then we can finalize the details on how much it will cost. We will let you know of any unforeseen expenses as they occur. The final cost may vary by as much as 15%.


Applications have been closed.