Bless Minnesota



We  are so excited to join the  Bless Minnesota prayer initiative!

Their mission is to adopt through prayer every street in the State of Minnesota.



If you would like to join this movement with us, follow these instructions when you fill out their form:


On Step Three (under SubGroups)


Choose: “Organization” and then select “Arise! Women’s Ministry”




The Vision of Bless Minnesota:

To bless the State of Minnesota and its people!

The Goals:

Unite followers of Jesus Christ in a common vision and strategic prayer initiative that improves the spiritual climate in the State of Minnesota.

1. Bless every individual and segment of society.
2. Build stronger relationships within neighborhoods and communities.
3. Expect a measurable reduction of crime, divorce and other social problems and a measurable increase of people coming to Jesus Christ and experiencing peace, provision and purpose.
4. Give God the glory.


What does it mean to Adopt Your Street in Prayer?

When you Adopt Your Street in Prayer you are committing to pray for the homes, businesses, school, park, church etc. represented by your street.  There are four specific things you should do on an ongoing basis for the people and places on your adopted street:

1. Speak peace and blessing in Jesus’ name.
2. Reach-out and build relationships with others.
3. Identify and respond to visible needs in tangible ways.
4. Share the love, presence and power of Jesus.


For more information, please visit their website or to join the blessings movement, fill out the form to Adopt Your Street